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This is the only stamp with this arabic script and the spread out “Made in Turkey.”This 16″ cymbal has a lathing pattern sometimes seen on cymbals from this era, where the tonal grooves are clustered closer together, then spread apart in concentric circles. This image, from a polished cymbal, provides the most detailed image of the Arabic, while the star above the crescent is missing.Still, the tight wrapping of the words “Made in Turkey” identify it as IVb.It took me a long time to find any writing on it, but when I did it said the following: AVEDIS ZILDJIAN CO Genuine Turkish Cymbal Made in Canada It's got some sort of logo too.I'd like to know when it was made, as I couldn't find any reference to Canadian manufacturing on the Zildjian website.

We are constantly on the search for quality vintage cymbals to bring to our customers. When my mother-in-law moved house last month I found a dusty cymbal in her out-house, and I'd like to find out a bit more about it.It's no use to me as I play bass, so I'm planning to sell it for her (probably on ebay), but I want to get a fair price, and she and I were both interested in how old it is, as it was in her out-house before she moved in.It's an 18 inch crash (according to my band's drummer, as I don't know the difference between a crash and a ride), and has no cracks or keyholing.I understand what the lack of cracks means, and I've examined the hole in the middle through a magnifying glass, and it seems small and round, which is apparently a sign of a lack of keyholing.

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