Oracle trigger updating predicate multiple columns

Vendors, however, each had their own local proprietary 4GLs.

Oracle uses PL/SQL, DB2 uses SQL/PSM and PL/SQL, Informix had Informix 4GL and, of course, SQL Server has T-SQL.

IF UPDATE returns the TRUE value in INSERT actions because the columns have either explicit values or implicit (NULL) values inserted.

USE Adventure Works2012; GO IF EXISTS (SELECT name FROM sys.objects WHERE name = 'reminder' AND type = ' TR') DROP TRIGGER Person.reminder; GO CREATE TRIGGER reminder ON Person.

Is it before or after the event (BEFORE and AFTER are SQL keywords)?

If I have more than one TRIGGER on the same table, in what order they executed?

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This returns a bit pattern that indicates which columns were inserted or updated.The column can be of any data type supported by SQL Server.However, computed columns cannot be used in this context.This early popular programming language quickly mutated into a host of dialects, and never really converged back to a single ANSI/ISO Standard BASIC, so it was important to get something out there.Trigger is a schema-level construct that has a body of procedural code.

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