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The Drews’ lawyer says his clients have not received one.)Back in the Meiers’ living room, the correspondent for “Good Morning America” was attempting to warm up the Meiers—Ron, a tool-and-die maker, and Tina, a real-estate agent. “We’re getting a divorce.”When the filming was over, Tina drove to her mother’s house, twenty minutes away. So do the Mulfords and so do the Drews, whose porch light stayed on into the night. Louis, nearly equidistant from the Missouri and the Mississippi Rivers.“The producers in New York have some spectacu—um, really —pictures of the two angels, and I’m going to have to ask you about that,” he said. A thirty-seven-year-old with wholesome features and a blond bob, she looked sallow and drawn. Before the taping, Ron gave Tina a bereft, searching glance. Around seven thousand people live there, a seventy-per-cent increase since 2000.Likewise, polling applications enable a person to pose a question—Is Caitlin hot or not?—to his or her network of acquaintances, who can follow the results in real time, via a brightly colored thermometer icon (as can Caitlin).It was just a casual snapshot, but something about it seemed to embody both the sadness and the exhilaration of female adolescence. ” someone wrote on Jezebel, a blog aimed at women in their twenties, reading that Megan hated the way she looked.

She was thirteen, a volleyball player and a Chihuahua maniac.

O’Fallon, the next town over, has ranked high on recent best-places-to-live lists in and on Relocate

The twin preoccupations of the boom community, kids and real estate, culminate in the town’s subdivisions: Peaceful Valley, Pinnacle Points, Dardenne Landing, Dardenne Meadows, Dardenne Estates. They met in the second grade, and in high school they were prom dates.

(An eighteen-year-old girl who worked for the Drews was also involved.) The two thirteen-year-olds had recently quarrelled.

Mulford’s own daughter, also thirteen, had been given the password to the account, and had sent at least one unkind message to Megan in Josh’s name.

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