K9 dating new jersey

and recently i was dating a girl who was into wearing and using them and being cleaned up ..

and then she suggested for me to try it out and see if i liked it.

For the first time in my life I felt my fathers member inside me, I was going nuts,feeling mine own fathers dick inside me. ”With that, I laid back on the couch and ran my hand down to my pussy.

Luckily I was on the pill,so we didn't need a condom and I actually could feel his semen inside me. And every daughter loves her father and every father wants his daughter.

i could share but i am sure there will be a ton of flamers ... I'm 23 and just looking for some like-minded friends. Really enjoy this site, lots of wonderful videos to fuck to!

and i don't care just some of the stuff i wanna get off my chest and see if there are other people out there like me .. I have gotten together several times with my father since then. Having my boyfriend call me ‘Jenny’ doesn’t have the same effect on me. If you have experience i'd love to hear about it or if it's all fantasy that's ok too. Anyway, I met someone in a chat room a while back and he enjoyed my story so much that he started messaging me on a regular basis.

He told me that he was indeed shocked and surprised but also understood full. I grabbed him by the hand and led him to my old bedroom. I could feel his balls against the lower part of my pussy lips. I convulsed, my pussy clamping my father’s cock so hard he couldn’t even move.“Oh Daddy!

He told me that he wasn't angry at me and he new about this Oedipus complexity. we just can’t.” He said all of this while rubbing his erection through his pants. There I lay back on the bed.“Daddy, please fuck me now. ” As I spoke those words, I realized that I had in fact wanted to have sex with my father since I knew what sex was.

I thought my dad would get up and walk away angry and disappointed, but instead I felt his arm around me and carousing me. I bobbed on him for a few short minutes, then I could stand it no longer. I arched my back, raising my hips, taking him inside me to the hilt. Both ways, incest, bondage, i've even been payed to watch a guy jerk off, i have so many storys and i don't know where to start and i feel kinda weird just typeing this much here....guess i could start at the top Diaper's ...i have always had a fetish with diapers seein girl's in diapers are sooo hott young and old...I told him about my feelings for him and that I loved him in a way a daughter should not do. ” I flexed my vaginal muscles and heard him moan.“Yes Jenny. I told him that I even fantasize about him, I did not mentioned the masturbation part,and started crying. ”He started thrusting into me, whispering, “Oh Jenny. Sometimes when I am with your mother, and the light is just right, she looks so much like you! I insisted that it was because I was so happy to make love to him. Our lust took over soon after…I got on all fours and faced my full length mirror. I watched as his hands grabbed my hips and pushed lightly into me. He started to pound that lovely cock into his daughter’s pussy…pussy.

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