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Somewhere between sex and stardom, Samantha fell in love and eventually confessed to Smith, "You've meant more to me than any man I have ever known."Lesson #5: Dare to fall in love. Big Sure, Carrie might have done some of the chasing, but in the end it was Mr.Big who showed up at her door the day she left New York City for Paris. He called to tell her he loved her, and fortunately, Charlotte was there to answer his desperate call. Case study: Carrie The eternal single girl had her share of romances, chronicled in her weekly column, but the truest love story is the one she wrote for herself.The unlikely pair started a family and eventually tied the knot. Case study: Carrie and Aidan Hot furniture designer Aidan was everything Carrie she wanted in a man: emotionally available, honest, and ready to commit.Aidan wanted Carrie to meet his parents, have the keys to his apartment, and eventually be his wife.Not surprisingly, their divergent careers created problems: conflicting schedules, fights about money, and different outlooks on life.Miranda could have deleted his number from her Black Berry, but ultimately, his laid-back personality and devotion won her over.She was so set in her man-eating ways that when she scouted and seduced a gorgeous waiter at a raw food restaurant, she didn't even ask his name.

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Join nowadays and reap the perks of our extensive lineup of women looking to share their sexual fantasies with a like-minded male.But to make it as your life objective to contact as many of them as you possibly could, can hardly be determined as a waste of time, correct?Looking For is India's leading adult dating site for grown people searching for consensual, dirty sex activity.Case study: Samantha and Smith Samantha's dating philosophy: "I'm a trysexual.I'll try anything once." Her only rule was to never fall in love.

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