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But here are a few things to keep in mind that can help them and keep your marriage healthy.1. This may be difficult to remember when your spouse is acting sad, angry, anxious or generally unpleasant.

Keep in mind that your spouse doesn't like how he or she is feeling or acting any better than you do.

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But there is an allure in the emotional skydiving of allowing your mate to be sexual with someone else.

Prepare yourself to hold them accountable to take their medication and manage their illness. in counseling Psychology and is a licensed mental health counselor.

I wanted to have sex with a woman, not having done so in many years. After half an hour of sipping martinis and flirting, we discovered that both of our husbands were parked close-by, nervously awaiting news of what was happening.

The whole idea both titillated my husband and scared him a bit. Sometimes, sleeping with new people is a measuring stick of how connected you are to your spouse. What followed was a new friendship between all of us.

People assume that you get the excitement from the outside sexual encounters -- and you sometimes do.

But, as we explore who we are and what we desire, openness keeps the mystery alive between my husband and me.

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