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While he’s counting on his meat-and-potatoes defense to endear him to another fresh set of teammates, the Wild values his willingness to play big brother to Mike Reilly and Gustav Olofsson, the youngsters trying to win a place on the roster.Quincey can laugh about that status — “Most of the guys are younger than me,” he said — but he’s serious about passing on his knowledge.During his early years in the NHL with Detroit and Colorado, he benefited from the generosity of long-tenured teammates such as Chris Chelios, Nicklas Lidstrom, Adam Foote and Scott Hannan.He views himself as the next man up in that generational chain.

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After the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, the western side of the falls became American territory as well.

Father Louis Hennepin was the first European explorer to visit and name Saint Anthony Falls, the tallest waterfall on the Mississippi River, in 1680.

While the falls were familiar to the Ojibwe and Sioux Indians who lived in the area, Father Hennepin spread word of the falls when he returned to France in 1683.

He gained experience working alongside young defensemen last season in New Jersey and Columbus, and he already is building relationships among his new teammates in St. While other players might grow weary after frequent moves, Quincey said he relishes the opportunity to make new friends in the NHL family — particularly in an organization such as the Wild.

“I’m so happy to be a part of this team,” Quincey said.

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