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Here’s your chance to have someone on your side teaching you how to both attract and handle the fairer sex.It’s now over four years since Bettina has been working as an online dating coach.

RSD is the same group associated with Julien Blanc - the notorious 'pick up artist' who had his visa revoked in 2014 after videos of him grabbing women by the neck and pushing their mouth towards his crotch caused outrage.Imagine actually having the love life you’ve always wanted in your grasp!This is about doing something for yourself that is potentially bigger than anything you have ever done for yourself before.It’s not about getting her into bed, but you want to know if there’s a level of sexual chemistry with the girl before you go on two or three long dates.”“Listen, ask great questions and touch him on parts of the body that aren’t too intimate like the shoulder or on his leg.Then mix that up with eye contact, while leaving periods of silence almost to the point where it becomes uncomfortable.

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